05 April 2009 @ 05:35 pm
When I grow up, I want to be a Twat!

So you want to join [info]ontd_twatlight

Do so in three easy steps:

Step One:

Carefully read through our rules.

• DUE TO PREVIOUS LEGAL TROUBLES you cannot ask for or distribute any files containing Twilight series books, movies or scripts, or anything else copyrighted to Stephenie Meyer, Summit Entertainment or Little Brown Publishing. This rule includes posts directing members to other sites or journals to download these things. Repeat offenders will be banned.
• Other materials may be requested or offered in the Sunday Swap or request posts (posted weekly and linked in the topbar navigation). Additional posts on the subject will be deleted.

If you're reading...
• We're here to make fun of Twilight, not your fellow Twat. Personal attacks and discriminatory remarks will not be tolerated. If you have an opinion be prepared to defend it.
• Twatlight is NOT work-safe. Most of the time people put big images, NSFW stuff, and autoplay behind an lj-cut. But we don't enforce this as a rule. 
• We don't need Twatlight spinoffs or merchandise. Feel free to make a new community (without "twat" or "twatlight" in the name) and affiliate with us though. Any future merchandise will be set up by the moderators.
• We're not anti-Twilight, but we're not a serious Twilight community. If you can't handle humourous discussion of the books, don't join.
• Random things we frown on: being an obnoxious pain in the entire community's ass; scamming everyone with fake leaks or other fake information; imitating members and ruining their good name; letting people use your account & Twatlight access for nefarious purposes, and other jerkhole activities. 
• Comment, too!

If you're posting...
• No introduction posts! Just jump in.
• Check to see if what you're posting has been posted recently. Example: When posting set pictures, check the date on them. And make sure they're not posted on the same page or a page back. 
• Keep it recent. We know that Wal-Mart sells umbrellas, and that sometimes people use them when it's not currently raining.
• Include the community in your post. Rather than posting just a homework question or personal rant, invite other members to rant themselves, or discuss what they study. 

• Some posts belong in other communities:
- Your own serious icons, fanart, and fanfic should go in serious Twilight communities like </a>
twiicons , etc. 
- Serious discussion is welcome in our serious sister community,
- Homework questions are allowed, but searching Livejournal for a subject-specific community will probably get you better results.

• Use sparkles for emphasis, not your whole post.
• Don't promote your community without permission. Ask us to affiliate and we'll promote your community for you on a regular basis.
• If you want to organize a weekly post on a certain topic, or a big event (we've had olympics and awards among other things) please page a mod for approval.

• If you have problems please 
Page a Mod. Don't message one mod over a general issue because they could be busy or in jail. We can't fix issues we don't know exist.
• If you have a problem with a specific mod, however, message another mod. 

If we rejected you
Here's a list of reasons why. Please don't message the mods about it. Spamming us with requests will get you banned.
• Your journal is new. If you're a current member and you make a new journal, page a mod. 
• Your account doesn't look active. You don't comment, you have no friends or communities added, etc.
• Something else. We have a selection process to keep out trolls and misguided twihards. 

Don't message us, don't page a mod, do NOT take it to our personal journals. Read this post and figure out what you need to do before attempting to join again.

Step Two:

Please fill out the following questionnaire.

Do you sparkle?:
Is Twilight serious business?:
Do you plan to be active?:
Did you read and understand our rules?
How did you hear about us? Another community? A friend? Someone irl?
(Please be specific. Usernames, community names. Not just "my bff bob"...thanks)

Step Three


The comment that you leave in this thread will count in regards to your acceptance/rejection to the community.

*Please note that the moderators reserve the right to terminate your membership if you turn out not to be who you claimed you were, or if you're using your account to let people with nefarious intentions lurk the community.

18 April 2008 @ 11:34 pm
welcome to ontd_twatlight!

here are is some general information about our community for our new members.

1. post often, because there's no such thing as posting too much. we're not going to get mad at you for posting frequently -- so long as you're involving others and not merely spamming the community. we're here to be interactive. comment frequently, too; everyone wants to feel loved.
2. we're here for the lolz. post crack!fic and macros, rant about the book and its characters, talk about the cast, post news, start discussions... whatever. the best part about ontd's twilight posts is that they always dissolve into random observations, discussions, and posting of macros, which is what this place is all the time. if you're easily offended and take twilight too seriously i wouldn't recommend sticking around. and save the needless drama for your angsty private posts plz, ty.
3. respect the other members. this should be a given.
4. all posts should be friends locked.
5. new members: don't be afraid to start interacting! you'll feel welcome, we promise. to make things easier, our sparkles are located here, so you can start ~dazzling~ us as soon as you join.
6. if you'd like to sign up for the twatlight's twitter after you join, please do so here.
7. your moderators are muckymuckerson, vulva, darkbloom and baroness. if you have any issues with the community, please page-a-mod, rather than private messaging them.

now go forth and post freely!